29 luglio 2017

il paradosso dlle 3 leggi

Ecco la ia entry per Dont Giff Up , tema Asimov

17 luglio 2016

 My Geisha :)

11 maggio 2016


hippy e frekettone , come ce piace
character design challenge may

15 aprile 2016

Heavy metal

eccolo lo zorissimo figlio di satana ( o almeno quello che crede :)
character design challenge

03 marzo 2016

character design month competition Viking

yesterday night i hade the impulse to partecipte to the viking competition , so i i made a speed paint of my viking

22 febbraio 2016

Hy guys

here some speed paint i did to concept some ideas for the project of my 1 years student



04 luglio 2015


mamma cmia che personaggio fantastico , dovevo anche io are un piccolo tributo

19 aprile 2015

Molto Punk e poco Steam

Here a steamPunk Desert explorer i did for the Character design montly challanger , i hade some fun to draw something i never draw , even without my Cintiq :)

10 marzo 2015

the green latino

here a entry for a character design montly challenge , just for fun

17 novembre 2014

il Trhull

just joking with my cintiq !!

23 ottobre 2014

the old man and the fish

I'm working on Maya for a personal animation project, still modelling  the bkg but .... hade to prepare some afterFX lesson and i use my wip for example ... or what I could do with the little I had .

13 ottobre 2014

evolution animation

So long since i post something here, but finally i hade some times to testing some digital animation softwere

27 marzo 2014

Ande & Flavia

Here a nefresh new illustration for my brother's wedding !!!

20 febbraio 2013


First test for the home page of my friend Breezy, obviously he didn't like it, he choose something less .... I do not know.

21 luglio 2012

The Wild Bunch

Has been some time since last post .... I try to work a little more on color and character design .... I hope you like it..
Here is some dirty pirates !!!!

16 aprile 2012


"Cela fait vingt-deuxans qu’il les voit entrer, mais à chaque manoeuvre
il reste là, àcontempler le manège des navires : les uns dressent la proue en
enfonçant leurs hélices, comme des bêtes qui lèvent le museau, pour gagner
en puissance dans la traction ; les autres, solidement arrimés, avancent peu à peu ;
c’est l’enfant qui tire son père par la main, tandis que celui-ci se laisse mener
en attendant du petit qu’il fasse tout le travail."

Les drapeaux de Francesc Serés

16 febbraio 2012

finger paint

In the last few days I enjoy the I-pad of my father ...
at the beginning is not easy to paint with your finger, a strange uncomfortable feeling
... but after a bit something is coming out.

25 luglio 2011

Horror idea !!

Some days ago i watch a German Horror movie .... they all look beautiful in the beginning, after 10 minutes you realize that this is a really fucked up. That's what I thought was the bad guy, couse after this 10 min ... i quit !!

...." non bisogna mai andare in germania!!! "

23 giugno 2011

The WereCat

In the meantime that the project is completed I am proud to give you a taste .... I hope you like it

24 marzo 2011

still in the old west

even at the last moment .. the choice is the one that counts !!!

questa Cintiq ... spacca ! Ragazzi che sturia, vale il rene che ho dato via per comprarla !

14 febbraio 2011

05 novembre 2010

noir .... non il colore !

old idea whit new stile ... or maybe new idea with old stile ...

10 settembre 2010

idea du Maroc

more you're away from home .... more you feel close to the word !!!

09 settembre 2010

"el gato rosa"

tribut to " Red Dead Redemption"

I created this character from a amazing game ....
bad and ditry

after a long time since i posted anything ... here I am !
Certainly more relaxed heheheh !!

20 luglio 2010


A short Film Idea .... looking for Productor's

"The blood that goes to each beat,
while the arm, like a snake,
wraps itself in the basin that almost breaks.
Two bodies come together ...
love is in the notes of this tango,
a r hythm that becomes dense ;
distilled , drop by drop , his fire of revenge ...
But this milonga conceals something more"

19 maggio 2010

a morning without the sun

I must admit that this design would be a classic illustration ... unfortunately I have tried to paint on an already precise tonal Grey .... but I noticed that it is very difficult to control the color and different color changes.
This is what you call .. change plans!

dedicato alle gemelle del gol ..... Alex e Olivier !

02 maggio 2010