02 maggio 2010

a nap


5 commenti:

jesse winchester ha detto...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I love to paint....

I was delighted to find your blog. I really really love your work. You have a really wonderful sense of playfulness in your art. I especially love the lighting and composition of "Hard Days are Coming" and the European classicism of "Tribute to Torino". Your demo looks great too.

Plugged your blog on mine!

Cheers from Vancouver, Canada!

Marcos Mateu ha detto...

Love the rhythm and the flow

Scaloso ha detto...

thanks guys ... I greatly appreciate your comments .. and above all your work .. obviously. ciao !

Lubomir ha detto...

Hi Daniele, I really like the tree design you have here!

Also, thanks for the good words!

Verena Fanny Trausch ha detto...

ciao Daniele!
ma quante belle cose che hai postato:-) bravo, si vede che ti stai divertendo.... io sto bene, sempre nella bella Venezia. ti mando un abbraccio!